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Naperville - Eagle Chase Eagle Chase is a single family home community built in the late 1980's located on the north side of Naperville

Located on the north side of Naperville, Arrowhead Park is a community of single family homes comprised of two subdivisions: Eagle Chase and Indian Hill. Both subdivisions are within Naperville School District 203.The Eagle Chase homes were built in the late 1980’s and can be found within the borders of Washington Street, Iroquois Ave, Chippewa Drive and Dakota Circle. Indian Hill’s homes were built a little earlier, around the mid-to-late 1970’s and can be found within the borders of Washington Street, Bauer Road, Diehl Road, and Iroquois Ave. Many of the homes in both subdivisions have been modernized over the years but some are in close to original condition making it the perfect opportunity to customize them to fit your needs and at a comfortable price point. Arrowhead Park is the main attraction! Here, residents can enjoy the expansive park with its playground, sled hill, basketball court, baseball field and even a flowing creek to enjoy nature. With the Herrick Lake Forest Preserve and the Nike Sports Complex nearby, there is always an abundance of activities to be enjoyed. Conveniently located within a short drive to downtown Naperville and the metra train station, one can commute to work with ease and of course, enjoy everything downtown Naperville has to offer!